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Blu-ray discs are gaining more and more fans, due to the increased storage space compared to DVDs and CDs, as well as the high quality of the video. Since users have started to purchase this type of discs, it comes in handy to have an application that allows them to analyze their Blu-ray, such as BDInfo.
This software is an out-of-the-box utility that will display a well-structured graphical interface requiring the user to specify the path to their Blu-ray disc or a dedicated folder on the hard disk.
BDInfo collects multiple video and audio technical specifications from Blu-ray discs, such as the playlist file contents, the disc size, as well as the stream codec and bitrate details.
Also, users can view the total length of their files, along with the estimated size, thus permitting them to calculate the total space they need to backup the file to the PC.
The Codec section is the place where users can view the full codec name, its corresponding language, the bitrate and some additional details.
BDInfo enables users to generate detailed reports regarding their discs, and these can be saved to an external file that can be analyzed at a later time. Users can access the Report window when they want to generate charts of the video bitrate and frame size over time.
Moreover, users can choose to include a quick text summary within their reports, along with the corresponding stream diagnostics.
To sum it up, BDInfo will help Blu-ray enthusiasts analyze their discs or their mounted ISO files, thus obtaining a comprehensive report for their disc movie collections.


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BDInfo 0.7.4 Torrent [March-2022]

BDInfo is an easy-to-use application to browse your Blu-ray collection, extract and summarize relevant information from its database.
A collection of reports can be generated based on the information provided by the application, such as.
Recognizes all Blu-ray audio and video streams and provides video and audio formats as well as codec information.
Identifies the disc vendor and provides technical specifications for the disc drive or the Blu-ray folder on the hard disk.
Selects the streaming folders and analyzes the length of each one, as well as its bitrate.
Permits various configuration settings for the application.
Maintains a user-friendly interface design.
Key Features:
– Comprehensive and detailed reports for Blu-ray discs
– Configurable interface features
– High quality video and audio analysis
– Useful and easy-to-use application
– Supports multiple Blu-ray formats and resolutions
– Genuine Blu-ray codec information
– Premium users can decrypt and analyze the M2TS

The application enables users to create graphic illustrations of the first blue ray disc they’ve burned, thanks to a smooth and simple interface. Once the image is exported, they can do so using any tool such as Photoshop, GIMP, etc.
There is also a description column that contains information such as the bit rate, the frame rate and a comment. The application will also record the copyright year, the disc manufacturer, and the original manufacturer.
Additionally, users can choose to export the image in the PNG, JPG or BMP formats and password protect the image.
There is also a dedicated page to view and check the disc’s specifications.
The application also allows users to share their creations and their discoveries on social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter.
– Supports Blue Ray (BR) discs
– Export images in PNG, JPG, BMP and PDF formats
– Export image with description (text)
– Create graphic images of the first disc they burn
– Create image with description
– Forgot password option
– Specifications of the disc
– Export with an image description
– Support for social networks
– Can export to an image
– Can automatically export in as Web page
– Support for disc title
– Forgot password option
– Generate with a description
– Export with a description
– Export images (PNG, JPG, BMP)
– Supports Blue Ray Disc
– Export images

BDInfo 0.7.4 Crack+ (Updated 2022)

BDInfo Crack For Windows is an out-of-the-box utility designed to help users analyze their Blu-ray collections.

When Windows 8.1 was launched, Microsoft added a number of features to the company’s PC OS that are designed for viewing and interacting with media content. One such feature is Windows DLNA, which enables Windows 8.1 to play back Blu-ray movies and DVDs as well as other types of digital media on a collection of connected PCs.
Unfortunately, it seems that the feature isn’t perfect. A Windows representative has confirmed that it’s still in development and that it’s on the way to a final release.
For the time being, the best alternative is to use third-party programs that allow you to stream your media from a Windows PC, while playing it on other devices.
These are a few of the best alternatives that are currently available. We’ll continue to follow this story and keep you updated with any further changes.
Alternative #1: XBMC Media Center
XBMC is an open-source media player that’s free, cross-platform and already available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems.
It will play more than 15 different kinds of media files, including Blu-ray discs. The basic version of the software is free, and it comes with a remote control and player.
The software is capable of viewing DVDs, watching Blu-ray movies and listening to audio from local or network-shared devices. However, you’ll need a TV tuner card that’s compatible with XBMC to enjoy live TV broadcasts with the included media center.
Alternative #2: TotalMedia Theater
TotalMedia Theater is a Blu-ray disc and digital media player that comes with a huge collection of features and a powerful interface.
The software is available for free for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X systems. It supports a huge selection of file formats, including Blu-ray discs.
Users can play, browse and view digital media from disc-based sources, or from removable storage.
TotalMedia Theater includes a remote control app that will allow you to navigate a system from a TV or media player.

Even before the Blu-ray format was created, movie companies were downloading streaming content to the PlayStation 3, thanks to the PS3 Video Unlimited service. After the Blu-ray debuted, the streaming service appeared on the video-playing system as a way to add a high-quality video library to the console.
Since there have been many titles released in

BDInfo 0.7.4 Crack + With Full Keygen [Win/Mac]

– Automatically detect Blu-ray format on a drive
– Report cover information
– Database/NoSQL engine
– Get all the information about the Blu-ray
– Collect the data for the selected Blu-ray
– 32-bit/64-bit standalone application
– Detects and reports unwanted deleted media tracks
– Analyze all the playlists included in a Disc
– Easy to use
– Supported Blu-ray playback software and USB jump drive

Blu-ray Player Pro 10 is a free advanced Blu-ray drive compatible for PCs. It offers an unique standard playback engine in order to handle any Blu-ray discs and other media items. It supports all ISO images, as well as BD+ discs and Blu-ray streams. The graphical user interface of Blu-ray Player Pro 10 includes an intuitive video player, customizable toolbars and thumbnail pane.

This tool can be useful for users who want to organize their music collection to make it searchable and easier to locate their favorite artists. MusicTrack is a free program that can be used for organizing and sorting your files. It enables you to set your music library into rows and columns, thus making it easy for you to locate the song you want to hear. MusicTrack supports multiple track formats and tagging functions.

This is not a personal music player. It is a multipurpose program that enables you to view your songs as multimedia. You can be listening to your favorite music while watching your favorite movies, using your own pictures for background. The program works by selecting movie files and grabbing pictures from your own computer.

Windows Movie Maker is a nice piece of software for producing quick videos. It is a complete video and photo editor with advanced features. All of the main features that you want are included in the software. The interface is easy to follow and navigate. You can use the program to produce high-quality videos. To sum it up, it is a nice application for those of you who want to create your own videos.

Users can import clips from their digital cameras in different formats, such as AVCHD, JPG, TIFF and more. The program provides different editing options, such as trimming, editing, cropping and a few other features. The graphics can be filtered and the animations can be applied to add a unique and appealing touch to your video.

The built-in player enables users to open media files. It is possible to add subtitles, transitions, and effects to make your videos look

What’s New in the BDInfo?

BDInfo is an all-in-one software that allows users to analyze a Blu-ray disc or ISO image using a user-friendly interface.

The software also provides users with an easy to navigate menu where they can select folders to scan, browse and create a complete report about your Blu-ray discs with audio and video codecs, size, title and all other details.

The software will manage to get all required information from your disk and compare it to the file on your hard drive.

Key Features:

This software makes it easy for users to create a comprehensive report of their Blu-ray discs.

It also helps users to make a detailed and accurate comparison of the contents of a Blu-ray disk to a folder in their hard drive.

The software also makes it easy to analyze the codec, audio and video bitrate.

This software provides a quick text summary for the reports, along with the corresponding stream diagnostics.

The database helps users to sort through their reports for easy reading and analysis.

It can be used for Blu-ray, DVD and ISO content analysis.

Final Thoughts on BDInfo…

BDInfo is a tool that users can use to analyze Blu-ray discs and their ISO files. It’s a useful tool that is easy to navigate and use, with an intuitive interface.

To sum it up, BDInfo is a very powerful application that helps users to make a detailed comparison of their disc collections with their hard drive folders.

BDInfo is available for free to download and use, and is available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

BDInfo 4.1.2 Crack Download With Torrent [Mac + Windows] Free



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