Canadian Dating Sites

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it’s been my go-to app for whenever i want to find a date that’s not very concerned with relationships or wants a hookup. with over 600,000 users, cleo the most popular app used for non-traditional relationships. users can choose from a wide variety of categories, including: friendship, hookup, one-night stand, and no-strings-attached.

it’s way easier to write a serious dating profile and assume someone will read your status updates than it is to do the same for a hookup app. happn isn’t as vulgar as others, and the recent addition of snapchat-esque emojis adds a lighthearted touch.

grindr is pretty much what it sounds like it is. it’s a hookup app for men who are looking to hook up with women nearby. each message is initiated by the user, which is a major contrast from tinder, where the other party typically initiates contact.

i rarely use this app because i am anti-conquesting, but i respect the fact that the app is using artificial intelligence to change the dating game. the app picks out the men you’ve chosen with similar interests (based on your facebook profile) and makes them available to you.

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