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About Pre-Alpha game

The Pre-Alpha version of the game is playable now.

▼ Story of the Game
▼ ・Creation of New World
▼ ・New Characters
▼ ・The Community
▼ ・More to Come!
New Game Features
・Enter a new fantasy world inspired by heroic legend
・New Characters to Meet
・Fight Powerful Monsters
・Create Your Own Character
・Rich Story
・Epic Drama in Three Acts
● A Multilayered Story
● An Epic Drama in Three Acts

Pre-Alpha Game Content
・Pre-Alpha version of the game currently available on PlayStation®4
・Pre-Alpha version can be played without any restrictions for free
・More to Come
■ Gameplay
・Versatile Combat Systems
・Completely Stunning Monster Artwork
・New Characters to Meet
・Take on Monsters and Dungeons in Combat
・Create Your Own Character
・Develop your Endurance by Using Stamina
・Story Continues even After Multiplayer
・Epic Story!
Campaign Playable in Multiplayer
・The Lost City of Miramal

>> More Information on: 0.0001 0.0001 0.0002 0.0002
Apoplexy 0.0003 0.0011 0.0022 0.0025


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Vast World Full of Excitement
  • Create your own character!
  • An Epic Adventure from an Epic Myth
  • How to Play:

    Play on the Elden Ring website after installation and verification of your device.


    Endless Amounts of Succor!

    Losing one’s life can be dangerous, but there is more than enough succor waiting just around the corner.

    By controlling the body of the giant Majin, you can use powerful skills such as slaying the Behemoth, which destroys surrounding enemy troops; devoting the mighty Galka, which shoots out enormous explosions; or the dragon-induced lordly Kugouga.

    When battling the towering demon Gakuten, which summons infinite hordes of archdemons, you’ll have the advantage of being a nomad who has the endurance to fight despite endless damage.

    For more details on the offensive and defensive skills on offer, contact the Trading Center.  

    Touch Menu:

    Regardless of the selected screen, you can operate all menu items using touch screen.

    1. Monster Hunt
    2. Special Mission (see more below)
    3. Link Info (Get a name, time, and location teleport)
    4. Stamina reset
    5. Trade Center
    6. Settings
    7. Toogle fullscreen

    Special Mission:

    By meeting and slaying legendary creatures in specific locations, you can receive special skills related to the appearance and attributes of the beasts.

    See description in images:

    Animals to RaiseRewrite magic<img src=".


    Elden Ring With Key Free Latest

    “Players can enjoy the feeling of exploring a vast world while playing as a mage. The game with its mystery, addictiveness, and slow progression could be played for hours.”

    – Game Reviewer for Dengeki Online

    “The series that puts the limitation of the previous title’s method behind it, and instead empowers you to enjoy a new feeling of action RPG”

    – Game Reviewer for Famitsu

    “I am absolutely loving this game”

    – Game Reviewer for Famitsu

    “I’m blowing through the game, and my favorite parts are still to come.”

    – Game Reviewer for Famitsu

    “‘The Adventure of Elden Ring’ is an action RPG that fans of the series and newcomers alike can enjoy.”

    – Game Reviewer for Famitsu

    “There are many more challenging stages”

    – Game Reviewer for Famitsu

    “‘The Adventure of Elden Ring’ is a new action RPG series”

    – Game Reviewer for Famitsu

    “The story and game systems have been innovated, and I don’t think anything like this will be seen again.”

    – Game Reviewer for Famitsu

    “Elden Ring is a new concept that should be played by all action RPG fans.”

    – Game Reviewer for Famitsu

    “Elden Ring is surely an action RPG with a depth beyond expectations.”

    – Game Reviewer for Famitsu

    “the developers of Elden Ring have achieved so much so far.”

    – Game Reviewer for Famitsu

    “an action RPG that should be played by all action RPG fans.”

    – Game Reviewer for Famitsu

    “It is filled with twists and turns that test your ability to survive. The unique online elements of the game also provide fun.”

    – Game Reviewer for Famitsu

    “a new concept that should be played by all action RPG fans.”

    – Game Reviewer for Famitsu


    • Easy to Play but Hard to Master
    A game that continues to surprise even those who played it early.


    Elden Ring Product Key Full Free

    -The update version will be available from August 8th (Wed.)
    -Greetings From Manticore City A postcard of Manticore City” the major hometown in the Lands Between
    -The buildings and decorations will be fully decorated.
    -Original background music, sound effects, and voices will be added.
    -New Spell Packs will be added.
    -2 new portrait styles will be added.
    -The graphics size will be increased to keep the same level as the update version.

    -New Dungeons:
    -New shop with enhanced contents.
    -Elden Ring spell and equipment list.
    -New graphics and new trading system for action RNG.
    -New NPCs:
    -Villagers that reside in the Lands Between.

    3. REFRESH:
    -Rebuilt monsters.
    -NEW armor and weapon.
    -Now players are allowed to use rebar or any other weapons.
    -New titles will be added.
    -New equipment, items, and ingredients will be added.
    -Adjusted value to items.
    -New items will be added.
    -New pictures of the revamped Mages’ Guild.
    -New dialogue will be added.
    -Summons while in a town.
    -Several new quest lines.
    -Resolved a number of bugs.
    -Added a server restart button.

    In order to expand the content of the game, we will continue to make adjustments to the game so that the experience of playing in a fantasy action game that has a retro-style charm and immersive game world is further improved.
    Thank you for your interest in the application! We sincerely ask for your understanding.

    Player feedback regarding the issues will be taken into consideration, and we will respond to all of the issues that we can.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to message us at feedback@k3games.com.

    We will continue to support the game. Thank you.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Multiple Platforms: From Retail, Virtual Reality, and the PC version

    Experience an epic fantasy online with the Worlds Beyond!


    GOTY Award Winner 2016

    GOTY Award Winner 2015
    GOTY Award Winner 2014 & 2013
    GotY Award Silver Winner 2012

    GOTY Award Silver Award Winner 2011


    IOS GAMES OF THE YEAR 2011 / 2012





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    Elden Ring Homepage :

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    F.A.Q. :

    F.A.Q. :

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    FAQ :

    1. What is the title of the game.
    2. Description: What the game is about and what the game play is like.
    3. How to install: How to install the game.
    4. How to play: How to play the game and beat a level.
    5. Required files: What files are needed for the game to work
    6. Possible cheats: How to


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Create your own character and rise through classes by fighting in the lands between.
  • Four interesting classes, with a wide variety of skills and attack and combat types to choose from.
  • Share you progress with your friends through online lag-free games.
  • Explore the vast world and find out the secrets to your freedom to plunge deeply into the story.
  • Play the game by yourself, in multiplayer mode with up to 16 players, or with a friend in lag-free play.
  • Game Features.

    ONE PRESS PLAY AND START TO BEGIN. Download the game using this link &rsquo;https//play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nksoft.thnirp.2

    Ok guys. I’m really excited about this so bear with me if I’m a bit of a fanboy 😀
    In To the Moon is an interesting game for sure, its an isometric 3D RPG that imo looks stunning.
    Gameplay is pretty standard RPG fare, similar to many games already released(I know, this isn’t a groundbreaking insight), but this one differs from most in that its not a disapointing first installment. Graphics and sound are a bit tight but are probably sufficient to get you through the game if you give it a chance, but obviously you can go in there and tweak all the ini files to improve it.
    The character growth system we come to expect in RPGs is standard for all RPG’s: you start the game as a puny weakling with 0 in all stats and you have to work as hard as you possibly can to gain EXP and successively level your stats. But To The Moon takes the above equation a step further by adding in a “burst of speed.” Basically what this adds is a brief period after your health is fully restored where your character is invincible. And you gain a skill point during this charged energy, it lasts for about 30-60 seconds(I don’t remember) and you have to survive the entire time without being knocked out or killed off.
    After it ends, your stats rise again in accordance with your stats progression. But if you die during this charged phase, it does not respawn



    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7
    Processor: Intel Core i5-2500 or AMD Phenom X3, 4.0GHz
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 290 or equivalent, 1GB VRAM
    DirectX: Version 11
    Additional Notes:
    Be sure to have all the latest drivers installed for your system.
    Game images are presented in 4K resolution.
    The minimum recommended configuration uses Intel i5 2500K CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 GPU.


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