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Evoscan 2.9


The EvoScan 2.9 supports logging of various parameters of the engine including EGR valve,….
Oct 12, 2018
logico Big Bang DIY computer – We are here to help. Here are the steps to upgrade your laptop to a DIY computer. You will need a laptop or a computer with USB-C port, not USB-A port. And preferably should be £50 cheaper in price! No more messy with an open box – No more glue and soldering! And it’s a lot more simple .
Mar 21, 2012
Fast install of Win7 on netbook – As a newbie, I installed Win7 in an hour and a half or so on a netbook with few problems and here are my tips: First, make sure you use a Windows 7 version that is .
Mar 21, 2012
large capacity modification ATOM – E52L/E53L ATOM 510 motherboard – forum – Cover for E53L ATOM – £15 + VAT £30 – I ordered the driver disks and headers after ordering this and they arrived today, everything else was pre      adds. If you are going to order anything then, get £15 worth of extra .
Apr 07, 2016
EcuFlash ® 3.0.1v.2 – Upgrading the firmware by yourself – If you are a robot using a laptop/desktop to create the firmware using EcuFlash, you will soon find it’s very inconvenient to get the files and install them manually because with the upgrade itself; you will get some new firmware to install as well. This is £80 that I will pay to EcuFlash for the upgrade, as well as all the hassle to install it manually, especially if we have many upgrades! And £80 is very costly for a low-cost upgrade .
Question: Using the new standalone logging feature. Do I need to install all logging drivers and step the logging program?
When I put a card in the OBDII slot on my tow truck, all that information goes to a laptop, and the laptop is connected to a computer with log-viewing software.  I use evoscan 2.9 so I would like to know if I only need to install the evoscan logging driver (per system requirements), then update the logging software (evos http://www.studiofratini.com/webcam-companion-with-product-key-free/


May 10, 2016
Went down visiting family and did not bring the vehicle. I got a radio soon after and the evoscan is not compatible with it.
Evoscan 2.9
Aug 5, 2017
I have a problem. When I connect all of the wires. It works fine. But when I disconnect some it will not log anything. When I disconntct all of the wires, it works fine. Please help.
May 12, 2017
Anyone having any issues with Evoscan 2.9? It will only read the last line of all of the data.
July 19, 2019
When I turn off the ignition, I cannot read the tachs with Evoscan 2.9.
May 8, 2017
How can I rename the date names in evoscan 2.9?
General Engine Management / Tuning Forum – Troubleshooting with evoscan – The computer has an issue with the evoscan, I do not have any problems with this, and I can not remember how to fix it. Can anybody help me find out what is wrong?

General Engine Management / Tuning Forum – General help with evoscan – I have a problem, I would like to change one of the things in evoscan 2.9. They used to be all the way on my sticker, but I don’t know why, the sequence of my additions is this: 2-3-4-5-2-1-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-8 – 1-16 – 14-16-1-8 – 2-3-4-5-6-1-5-12 – 8-




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