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Jctxmenu Crack+ PC/Windows

A tool to create your own fully configurable context menu shell extensions, for your favourite OS. The menu logic is executed entirely within javascript and the GUI is fully configurable through the use of its own “menufile” property.
All of the frequently used context menu items are provided out-of-the-box and are fully configurable from within the code of your menufile!
All your settings will be saved to localStorage and will remain on your machine until you select another menufile.
jctxmenu samples
jctxmenu supports the following features:
Advanced context menus:
As PCRE based regular expressions support javascript, you can easily find and replace context menu items for ALL file types, as well as items for a specific MIME type, file extension or file name.
As the shell extension is JavaScript, you can easily do everything you’d like using Javascript, without needing to compile code!
Advanced feature list:
– advanced regular expressions to support the following context menu fields: file type name, attributes, file extension, MIME type and file name (using PCRE regular expressions)
– a built-in Save and Exit option – use it whenever you want to store your settings
– A full-screen toggle to help you not be spammed by the context menu
– 3 different text colors to support partial transparency
– cross-browser support for HTML5 Drag and Drop
– a bug-free, well-tested and high performance javascript context menu implementation.
– customizable skinning using HTML5 Canvas
– fully-configurable, yet fully extensible, using Javascript.
Here’s a sample of an advanced context menu showing how an item can be tailored to:


Not as nice as the UI context menu extension for chrome but I would second this.


Looks like the Google Summer of Code project from last year – Javascript context menu.

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Jctxmenu Crack (2022)


.Example menu.cfg
!# Cracked jctxmenu With Keygen configuration file
!# ———————————————————————————
!# This file is the main configuration file used by jctxmenu. It contains the settings
!# for the application. Set all of the variables below to the values you want and
!# the appropriate options will be shown in the menu.
!# ———————————————————————————

!# jctxmenu application name. This is used as the file name of the shortcut/shortcut menu.
!# jctxmenu application title. The title shown in the title bar of the application.
!# jctxmenu description. This is the description shown when the user opens the
!# application.
!# jctxmenu icon. This is the icon used to represent the application, usually as the
!# application icon. If the icon is not found or cannot be found, the application will use the
!# application name.
!# jctxmenu path/exe. This is the path to the application itself.
!# jctxmenu path/flags. This is the path to the context menu shell extension (jctxmenu.sh).
!# jctxmenu flags. These are the most important flags to set, as they control almost all other
!# flags. It is often best to set these flags first.
!# jctxmenu for shell extensions. This option is only used if you plan to install jctxmenu
!# as an ‘external’ shell extension. This is usually only used by advanced users that want a
!# larger selection of conditions than the context menu allows.
!# jctxmenu install for applications. Set to ‘no’ if you do not wish to install jctxmenu as an
!# external shell extension for all applications.
!# jctxmenu context menus. A comma-delimited list of the context menus that jctxmenu should
!# automatically generate for the application.
!# jctxmenu menus. This is the ‘auto’ menu name that should be used for the application, which
!# will have sub-menus automatically added based on the context menus. You

Jctxmenu Crack

jctxmenu is a simple but powerful context menu shell extension written in C++.
Supported platforms:
* Windows: XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, 2008 (3.0, 3.1, 3.2)
* Linux: 2.6 and higher (with the required X Window System libraries)
* Unix: any POSIX-compliant platform, including Linux, MacOSX, and
* BSD (FreeBSD and Darwin mostly).
Other features:
* Simple (but powerful!) menu structures. Menu items can be added to any
level of the menu tree, can be added freely to the main menu, and also
to sub-menus (including sub-sub-menus and so on) and sub-menus can
themselves contain sub-menus.
* Supports multiple menu items with any number of sub-items and sub-sub-items
(even to infinite nesting levels).
* Supports multiple conditions based on: file type names, attributes,
file extensions, MIME types and / or file names (using PCRE regular
expressions). Multiple conditions can be nested and are still
evaluated (ie. when you add some file type extension to the files,
or to the menu entry itself).
* Supports multiple menus and sub-menus. By default, multiple menus and
sub-menus are added to the main menu, but it is possible to remove or
change the default.
* Supports 3 modes of operation:
* One default menu. Add new items or remove existing ones to this menu.
* One special menu. Items added to this menu become the default menu.
Remove an item from this menu to restore the default menu.
* Multiple menus. Add and remove items to this menu. Each menu may have
its own default menu, but the default menu does not have to be
persistent between menus. It is possible to make a menu “persistent”
(in which case its default menu becomes the same for all menus).
* Supports active item. The default menu is the active menu when a file is
opened or shown. If the default menu is the same for all menus, the
active menu is the first menu that was activated by the user. Otherwise
the user must click on the menu itself to make it the active

What’s New In Jctxmenu?

Context menus are frequently used in working with directories, so we all know how they are a common way to interact with the desktop.
This shell extension enhances jctxmenu by adding additional functionality and flexibility to the Windows context menu shell extension.
JctxContextMenu is a powerful application that I can use to provide a more efficient and intuitive context menu shell on a PC, laptop or PC.
The application provides a simple interface to create your own context menus. It is very easy to create a context menu, the only thing you have to do is to add the items that you want to appear in your menu, and select the order in which it appears.
With jctxmenu, you can create different context menus, in which you can create menus that include sub-menus with different functionality, or connect the file menu and edit the folder menu (and other such applications).

The current version of jctxmenu is Free (freeware) and you can have the source code at your disposal.

jctxmenu has many features:
An order in which folders appear on the context menu, just by rearranging the items in the menu.
Constant and cyclical menus that appear just by loading the application.
The ability to create and configure context menus from the menu files.
The ability to easily change the icons for items in the context menu.
The ability to create and configure context menus from the interface.

Instructions for installing and configuring the Windows context menu shell extension.

End of description.

How it works?

It loads the main application (jctxmenu.exe) and then it runs the plugin Dll (jctxmenu.dll).
Using the plugin Dll, jctxmenu has access to your Windows folder, all windows folders that are sub-folders of the current folder, all windows folders in your Windows folder and sub-folders, all windows folders in your sub-folders and sub-sub-folders, the windows registry, the.netsrc folder, the Internet Explorer %APPDATA% system variable and my computer’s information.
jctxmenu supports any file type from the file extensions, MIME types, File type name patterns.
jctxmenu supports the creation of menu items which are context menu items but which do not appear in the Windows context menu, such as:

System Requirements For Jctxmenu:

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