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with so many apps popping up every day, which ones are really worth using? we did that for you. we put each of the apps above its paces to help you decide whether theyre worth your time. in the end, if any of them are of interest to you, take a closer look and see if you can find a reason to use them.

for tinder users, it comes down to a twofold question. first, do you want to find a hookup or a relationship? most people will answer that question simply by deciding whether to go for matches based on looks and potential, or search for matches that have mutual friends. however, even if youre not looking for a hookup, you will find it here. but if youre looking for a good time with a chica or chico, then this hookup app might be just the one for you.

the other aspect comes in how the app works. now, if youre the type of person who just wants to get laid, then one of these hookup apps might fit that description. for casual hookups, unlike apps like badoo or hinge, tinder is the best way to go. each time you load it, youll be presented with a feed of profiles.

a popular option among tinder users (opens in new tab)is pof, a popular site that is geared towards college students. users can focus on finding partners and potential dates based on their respective city. like the other platforms, pof (opens in new tab)has a ranking system that you can use to find local matches, making it ideal for people who are looking for the right conversation starter and are looking for a quick hookup.

if your dream is to find the right partner and your ambition is to test the waters before you dive in, then you’ll love to hear about meetmoi. it’s a free app that enables users to message and connect with people who live near them. you can message members for a quick no strings attached hookup (opens in new tab), or you can chat with someone for a longer period of time. it’s also useful for those looking for that one person who can be someone’s soulmate.

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