KMSpico V8.9 By Heldigard Crack ((BETTER))

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KMSpico V8.9 By Heldigard Crack


Install KMSpico v8.9 on Windows. 1.1 Create shortcuts for KMSpico. 2. Start automatically KMSELDI. 2.1 Make a backup copy of the tokens. 2.2 Define VL or Retail and . NET Compact Framework version 1.5, 1, 2, 2, or 3. 2.3 Use the Database button to add a database to the list. 2.4 Save the database on your desktop with the name “db.bak”. 2.5 Save the database on CD/DVD with the name “”. 3. Start automatically KMSELDI. 3.1 Create a .NET Compact Framework file in C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/MS Office. 3.2. Check the “Use the new KMS Emulator” box and click “Next”. The “Select Folder” dialog box will open (Fig. 3.24). Rice. 3.24.



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