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Olympus Viewer is a software utility developed specifically to help people view, print and edit photos from their hard drive.

The installation process does not bring any surprises, and upon completing it, you are greeted by a modern-looking and intuitive interface. This means that it can be used even by people with no prior experience with computers.

In addition to that, it consists of a folder structure, a panel in which to preview pictures, a selection box, several shortcut buttons and a menu bar

This software tool can be shown in different modes, namely the viewer and the edit ones. The first enables you to add entire folders of images and see them as thumbnails or on the entire screen. It is possible to cut, copy, paste and rotate files, as well as upload them to social networking platforms such as Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. Aside from that, you can set a photo as a wallpaper or access tools such as Auto-Panorama, or a resize and convert one.

In the edit window, you can insert text, zoom in and out, remove red eyes, correct fisheye and flip images. Plus, you can tweak the gamma, colors, brightness, contrast and saturation, as well as use noise reduction, distortion correction, shading compensation and sharpness tools.

With this program, you can also capture images from movies, fade in and out, cut movies or merge frames.

Once you are done with editing, you can save the files to the HDD in JPG, TIFF and BMP formats, while also selecting compression quality and resolution.

Taking all of this into consideration, it becomes apparent that Olympus Viewer is a useful and complex piece of software for viewing, managing and editing photographs, which does not put a strain on your PC’s resources.

In conclusion, it is a simple, easy-to-use, powerful and versatile application that is easy to install and to use, and it is best suited for those looking for a way to browse, view and print their images from their computer.

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Olympus Viewer 3 Crack For Windows 2022

Olympus Viewer is a free, full-featured software for easy photo management. It’s designed for use on Windows, and enables you to view, print and edit your photos directly from your hard drive without having to open them on your computer’s monitor.

Olympus Viewer is a useful and complex piece of software for viewing, managing and editing photographs, which does not put a strain on your PC’s resources.

Olympus Viewer 3 Cracked Version Features:

User friendly interface

Sub menus

Auto slide show


Easy moving

Photo print order

Image rotate and flip

Image rotation

Image resize

Image sharpen

Digital zoom

Image preview

Photo watermark

Photo rotation

Photo pixelation

Photo watermark protection

Pictures fade in and out

Image prints in slide show

Pixel size control

Image burn in

Image compressor

Image sharpener

Image shading compensation

Image tune up

Noise reduction

Photo dust removal

Photo luminance and contrast

Photo gamma

Photo invert

Photo white balance

Photo backdrop setting

Background color selection

Photo brightness

White balance

Dark room setting

Colorful tone setting

Color effects

Image editing

Image splash

Image glare

Image brightness

Image histogram

Image bit depth

Image contrast

Image tint

Color depth

Image printing

Pictures window

Photo slideshow

Auto slideshow

Video window

Video playback

Video add watermark

Live Photo

Video edit (add photo effects)

Video merge pictures

Video fade out and in

Video effects

Video trim

Image slideshow

Image reduction

Image rotate

Image zoom

Image crop

Rotate to 90 degree

Rotate to 180 degree

Rotate to 360 degree

Rotate to 135 degree

Flip to left

Flip to right

Flip to up

Flip to down


Edit photos


Keyboard Shortcuts


Open menu




Save as

View as a slideshow


Zoom In

Olympus Viewer 3

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What’s New in the?

Olympus Viewer 3 is a program developed especially for Olympus Lumix cameras. It enables you to open, view, convert and save digital images and videos from the hard drive or memory card. The tool is available in two versions, one for Mac OS and the other for Windows.
– Olympus Viewer 3 Mac Edition 4.3
– Olympus Viewer 3 Windows Edition 4.3

Key features:

• Quickly view, edit and print photos and videos from the hard drive or memory card.

• Save the files in JPG, TIFF and BMP formats, as well as from AVI and MPG.

• Edit the files with additional tools such as Auto-Panorama, Fisheye, Level, Shading, Auto-Bracket, Noise Reduction, Distortion Correction, Gamma Correction, Sharpness, Watermark, Auto-Gamma and Auto-Deck.

• Insert text, rotate, crop, erase, and resize files.

• Capture images from movies, fade in and out, cut videos, convert and merge frames, remove noise, and enhance color.

• Use the Auto-Contrast, Auto-Brightness, Auto-Contrast, Auto-Saturation, Auto-Gain, Auto-Backlight and Auto-Bracket features.

• Select the output folder where to save the images.

• Examine the current settings in the main window or in the Settings dialog.

• Use the editing tools to improve the quality of images and videos taken with your camera.Q:

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This should be easy in IIS 6:
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I also had the same requirement last week and it was simple. (I didn’t make it this far but this how-to-run-mod-security-in-windows was helpful:


This is easy

System Requirements For Olympus Viewer 3:

Compatibility: Windows® 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista/2003/2000/NT/ME/98/95. This program is created with a clean and safe code and without virus infection. When running it, your antivirus may warn you. Do not worry about that, it is safe to use.

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