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Peacock Torrent Download is a web browser that respects your privacy
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Control your own data and avoid big centralized data collectors.
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Peacock 2.3.3 [Updated]

Peacock is a new and experimental web browser that joins the ranks of other more popular privacy-oriented browsers (best example would be Brave) and promises to take the privacy to a whole other level.
For starters, it’s important to note that most of Peacock’s security under-pinings come curtesy of Blockstack. For those of you who are not passionate about cryptocurrencies in general, know that Blockstack is a decentralized computing ecosystem that’s very much focused on allowing users to fully own and control their data.
A few words on Peacock’s security and privacy features
One of the main benefits of this browser is that it allows users to choose where exactly where their data is stored, either on the Blockstack blockchain or locally on their computers.
The browser also boasts an internal ad-blocker (which works decently well, to be honest), and according to the developers, the browser features no analytics and no tracking whatsoever.
Other interesting details
Other than that, you should know that this browser is based on Chromium 80 engine, which is quite good. The browser is quite speedy, even though, we have to be honest, it’s nothing to write home about. Websites load relatively fast, but we can’t say that it’s faster than similar browsers using the same engine.
It also boasts customizable themes, a simple dark mode, support for bookmarks, and a basic speed dial feature (a place from where you can access your favorite websites more easily), and that’s basically about it.
Peacock is a decent browser, and it can prove extremely useful for users who don’t need all the bits and bobs of a typical web browser. It allows you to store all your data locally or, if you fancy, even on the Blockstack blockchain. It’s still a relatively new project, so don’t expect it to be 100% stable. Only time will tell just how well Peacock manages to fair against its fierce competition.
Peacock Full Review:
Peacock (Peach Cock) is a brand new browser that promises to offer a privacy-focused web browsing experience while providing a unique take on browsing. Its main focus is to make browsing on the internet one of the most private experience it can possibly offer.
To achieve that, it utilizes certain technologies that allow users to share and control all their browsing habits to a level

Peacock 2.3.3 Activator For Windows

Peacock is a privacy-centric web browser, that’s run on top of blockchain technology. The browser is completely free and open source, and has no advertising or tracking whatsoever. The browser runs on Google’s Chrome 80 engine, which makes it already pretty good for a browser. The Blockstack under-pinnings keep user data safe, and allows Peacock to feature a native ad-blocker.
The browser features customizable themes, a simple dark mode, support for bookmarks, and a built-in speed dial feature (a place from where you can access your favorite websites more easily). Other features include a built-in standalone email client, VPN functionality, an internal ad-blocker, and more.

Peacock for Android QRL Source code

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Peacock is an open-source decentralized web browser that makes sure your data stays safe, while also using blockchain technology.
Peacock is the first browser on the decentralized web, thanks to our user-owned data, ad-blocker and privacy protection underpinnings.
Privacy and decentralization are essential to the decentralization movement. Because of this, Peacock is better for privacy-conscious people and businesses. Peacock is the browser that brings privacy to the web.
Peacock is based on top of the blockstack network and combines all the benefits of blockstack with a custom, privacy-centric blockchain.
Peacock is software fully controlled and owned by the people who use it. Peacock, like the rest of the blockstack network, is built on open-source code and is entirely free and open-source. For additional details, visit
Download Peacock
Download the Peacock open source browser from (Peacock in the App Store)
Peacock Browser
Download the Peacock browser from (Peacock on the Chrome Webstore)
Peacock Team
Team members and advisors have solid technical experience building distributed systems, creating privacy-conscious services and cryptocurrencies. They have successfully raised funding for decentralized projects.
Alex Safi, CEO
Alex has led the technical execution on several consumer-facing and enterprise software companies including Namely and Uptake. He earned a degree in Computer Science, and holds professional certifications in Unix, Linux

What’s New In Peacock?

Peacock: Do you want your data to be fully in your control? If so, you won’t want to miss out on this browser.
Peacock gives you full control over where you choose to store your data. You decide whether to keep it on the Blockstack blockchain or in your PC.
Peacock is also fully ad-free, and it doesn’t collect any data, locally or on the block. Simply put, it doesn’t sell, share, or leak information about you.
Peacock Features:
Built on Chromium, supports the MetaMask, an ad-blocker, a simple dark theme, bookmarks, customizable shortcuts, and privacy-focused features.
Peacock Screenshots:
Peacock 1:
Peacock 2:
Peacock 3:
Peacock 4:
Peacock 5:
Peacock 6:
Peacock 7:
Peacock 8:
Peacock 9:
Peacock 10:
Peacock 11:
Peacock 12:
Peacock 13:
Peacock 14:
Peacock 15:
Peacock 16:
Peacock 17:
Peacock 18:
Peacock 19:
Peacock 20:
Peacock 21:
Peacock 22:
Peacock 23:
Peacock 24:
Peacock 25:
Peacock 26:
Peacock 27:
Peacock 28:
Peacock 29:
Peacock 30:
Peacock 31:
Peacock 32:
Peacock 33:
Peacock 34:
Peacock 35:
Peacock 36:
Peacock 37:
Peacock 38:
Peacock 39:
Peacock 40:
Peacock 41:
Peacock 42:
Peacock 43:
Peacock 44:
Peacock 45:
Peacock 46:
Peacock 47:
Peacock 48:
Peacock 49:
Peacock 50:
Peacock 51:
Peacock 52:
Peacock 53:
Peacock 54:
Peacock 55:
Peacock 56:
Peacock 57:
Peacock 58:
Peacock 59:

System Requirements:

Windows XP Home or Professional
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 98
Windows NT 4.0
Windows ME
Mac OS X 10.0.1 or later
Version 9.0c
Variable Timer Resolution (VB)
Internet Connection:
Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or later.
Must use a modem to connect to the Internet
Internet Access:
to AOL with your AOL/AIM ID and

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