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WLM Game Status was developed to change your “personal” message on Live Messenger to games that the plugin detects running (similar to XFire / XBox360 Messenger) so that your buddies can see what you’re playing.









WLM Game Status 2022 [New]

It’s a one-off launcher that runs on Windows 98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, or Windows 7.

Click on the “Game Status” tab to see a list of games that have not yet been modified by WLM Game Status Cracked 2022 Latest Version.

Use the drop-down boxes next to each game and select a message.

To configure save settings, or edit a message that WLM Game Status has already applied, use the drop-down box next to each Game Status message.

For example, if you selected the games you were playing in your status message, you could then turn it into “Game Status: Waiting for Minecraft… etc”, or just “Waiting for Minecraft” and then use the drop-down box next to “Waiting for Minecraft” to change it to “game not running” and “game is running”.

Before Download/Install WLM Game Status for your needs, please try it in a virtual machine first.

WLM Game Status Version 2.8.0 is the first version that is simultaneously released for Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. So, Windows Vista users can download both versions of WLM Game Status.
WLM Game Status Version 2.7.0 is the last version that is released for Windows 2000.
WLM Game Status Version 2.7.0 is the last version that is released for Windows XP and Windows 2003.

Changes in WLM Game Status version 2.8.0

WLM Game Status 2.8.0 is not available for Windows 98 and Windows NT.

To see a list of games (or ALL games) that have already been modified by WLM Game Status, use the “Game Status” tab in the WLM Game Status Configuration window, then click the “Change Status” button in the bottom-right corner.

Note: WLM Game Status will set the status of ALL games to “Waiting” as soon as they are detected by WLM Game Status.

Version 2.8.0 introduces “Game Status” in the left window. You can use “Game Status” to quickly switch the status of ALL games to “Running” by pressing either the “Start Running” button, or the “Stop Running” button if you can not start your game.

Version 2.8.0 contains the major changes in the following areas:

1. Windows 2000 support.
2. Configuration of status messages.

WLM Game Status Crack+ Keygen Full Version 2022 [New]

[b]WLM Game Status Crack For Windows is a plugin for Live Messenger. It detects running games (or non-full-screen games that require the use of mouse) and automatically changes your “personal” message on Live Messenger to that game. It is like XFire and XBox360 Messenger and makes it even easier to share the information with your friends.
WLM Game Status Cracked Accounts is intended to be used with Windows Live Messenger 8.1, and should work perfectly with Windows Live Messenger 8 and older versions too.[/b]
Some of these features include:
-Automatically displays games running on your computer.
-Automatically updates “personal” message when any game is detected, and displays games that require mouse.
-If anything blocking mouse interrupts running games, it will pause the games (or open game in full-screen mode if running in full-screen mode).
-Fully supports context menus and works with every game.
-Opening a game through the add-on works perfectly and does not require and compatibility with the original game.
-When loading (and resuming) a game through the add-on, it will be executed without the mouse.
-Receiving a new message while a game is being executed does not interrupt the game.
-Receiving a new message while a game is being executed notifies the game.
-Game status can be changed to “Work”, “Studying”, etc.
-Customize display buttons (possible actions).
-Allows you to select a directory where games can be saved and displayed.
-Maintains compatibility with Windows XP and newer.
-Download from to your Windows Live Messenger folder.
-Place the WLM plugin archive in the plugins folder of Windows Live Messenger.
-Open the Live Messenger menu in “Tools”, and click the “Plugins” tab.
-Select the WLM plugin in the list, and click “Reload”.
-It should work.
-The data on this web page is made available “as-is” and without any warranty or support.
-Do not send me e-mail asking me to send you the same games, as these are already available in the list.
-Do not send me e-mail asking me to install your game through W

WLM Game Status Crack + Product Key Download

Plugins like NetUpdateXFire and NetUpdateXBox360 are useful to see what other people are playing on other computers and XBox360s. WLM Game Status is also useful to see what other people are playing on their home computer. The only difference with WLM is that you can change the status of “games” that are already running instead of seeing what other people on your buddy list are playing.
Unlike NetUpdateXFire, WLM will show information about all games you are playing (even games that you have minimized or are already running).
WLM automatically scans for active games on your computer when you start Live Messenger. It does not need to be configured because it is part of Live Messenger. It does this by always checking for new processes on your computer.
WLM handles the updating of games from both Live Messenger and the Internet.
Just like the “New” icon in a task bar, WLM opens a small window that runs the game information through a web browser. Because WLM uses a web browser, it does not use much resources, even on older computers.
Features include:
• Detect games that are running on your computer (even games that are minimized or are already running)
• Shows games in the right-hand pane of Live Messenger
• Detect games that are running on your computer using the process name, folder path, and other information available
• Shows games running on other computers on your buddy list
• Searching for online games you can play (even games that are online)
• Shows game results in the chat window
• Shows games that you are playing (even games that you have minimized)
• Shows games your friends are playing (even games they have minimized)
• Shows network games that are running
• Shows games in game history (from the “Games” menu).
WLM works very well with all previous Live Messenger versions. In addition, Live Messenger 5.0 uses a totally different set of game information that does not work with WLM. Also, Live Messenger 5.0 has a totally different way of displaying games (no taskbar icon). But this does not impact WLM. WLM still shows games, just in a different way.
More Information:


XMLTagger is a simple tagger for notepad by Frank van de Velde and Robert J. Landwehr that adds a tag editor to

What’s New In WLM Game Status?

Just tell me if any game that supports TeamSpeak is running and I’ll show the game name on my Live messenger window.

I would like to see a feature to allow registered users to convert messages into “hints” (shown in chat window) and to “ahem” (hidden in chat window) which would be shown or not based on your own preference.

How to setup I would like to see a tutorial on how to setup WLM Game Status so that the chat window display some basic information about the game (like XBox-360).

When you install the plugin to your Live account, you are asked to enter your XMSN login details on the registration screen. I never used XMSN, so I don’t know if there is a better way to handle this… The XMSN login details would most likely be the same that you would use to setup a XMSN account. Could you please fix this?

Can I add WLM Game Status in the offline mode of the plugin?

I wrote a plugin for XMSN for showing the games that are running in Windows. It would be nice if you could add WLM Game Status support to this plugin so that it would also work in offline mode.
I found an issue for the offline mode: For some reason, when the server is offline, there is no way to select an MSN account. The plugin needs to check for the existence of an account, before it can show the online/offline state.

The standard installation of WLM Game Status includes the following options for the chat window:
– Show the game name in the chat window
– Show the game type (Action, Adventure,…)
– Show the game id
– Show the game comments
– Show the game rating
– Show the game status
– Show the game XBOX360 (XBox360 Game database, some games will not work)
– Show the game server XMSN (so that the server name will be shown for Teamspeak servers)
– Show the game XBOX360 (XBox360 Game database)
– Show the game in the online/offline mode of the plugin
– Show the game tooltip

The plugin for XMSN is a lot better than WLM Game Status in terms of usability and options:
– You can change the background color of the chat window
– The plugin loads in less than 1 second
– You can set the chat window to always on
– You

System Requirements:

Requires a minimum of 1GHz Intel or AMD Processor and 1GB RAM
Requires a DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with the latest drivers
Windows Vista or Windows 7
How to Install:
1. Unzip the file and run 3rdparty.exe
2. Click Install
The installer will automatically run through the wizard and install the latest DirectX.
3. Restart the game and enjoy!
Important Notes:
Always be sure to backup your Xbox 360 HDD before downloading this game.


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